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Patriots Swim Team

The Patriot Swim Team is composed of summer swimmers, both new and returning (ages 5 - 14yrs). The team is part of the "Kingdom of the Sun" swim league, a summer recreational swim league of teams in the Kingdom of the Sun area. The goal for the league is to provide a fun competitive environment for its participants. Young athletes, those new to the sport, or those wishing for a low cost, low pressure competitive environment, should find our summer program a satisfying experience.

There are six teams in the league: Marlins, Patriots, Hilltoppers ( Citrus springs ), Inverness, Leesburg, and City of Ocala.

Starts May 6, 2019
Mon, Wed, and Thurs - 5:00pm-6:00pm

Newton A. Perry Aquatic Center (located on the College of Central Florida campus).

Fees are as follows:
• If you start in May - $120 - 1st child - $95 each additional child
• If you start in June - $100 - 1st child - $80 each additional child
• If you start in July - $70 - 1st child - $60 each additional child

All meets are scheduled for Saturdays and will be held at the Newton A. Perry Aquatic Center, located on the College of Central Florida campus, unless otherwise specified. The meets are designed to recognize everyone's efforts in the pool with ribbons being awarded to all participants.

Competitors will be divided by sex and age groups. The age groups will be 8 & under, 10 & under, 12 & under and Senior. Age will be determined as of June 1. Better swimmers, (BB standards and above) who still wish to participate in the meets, will be required to move up to a higher age group.

Meets are scheduled once a week beginning June 6. Each child must sign up for meets in order to be entered. The sign up deadline is usually two practices prior to the meet. The coaches will explain the sign up procedure. The coaches will also choose what events your child will swim. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in our swim meets. We will ask many of you to time, score and write ribbons. This is a time for you to be involved closely in your child's accomplishments.


Except for your registration and coaching fee, there is no charge for any of the swim meets.



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